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Lucky Patcher APK  is the solution you need for all sorts of simple yet essential mobile phone applications and gaming related pirates. Want to ignore your favorite android games and other android apps? All you need is the latest version of Lucky Patcher, our special application that can do it all with a single click. If you still do not know this application, it’s time to understand and start the adventure of games or unlock purchases in the application that can not do due to payment problems. Just unload it to your device to enjoy the benefits that many Lucky Patcher users thank us for.

Worried about payments? You do not have to pay a single cent. All versions of Lucky Patcher are absolutely free for our users. The application is developed and designed for players from around the world. Unlike other app developers, we do not charge exorbitant amounts for premium features because we understand you’re shopping for free apps. So we made a kind of free offer for all those who love games and applications.

Here’s what’s new in Lucky Patcher 6.4.1

  • You can now deactivate the subscription manager directly through the package manager
  • New advanced proxy functionality for the play store.
  • New custom patches and added postings
  • Bug fixes
  • Added new languages ​​and improved translation for up to 200 languages
  • Funciona com o Android Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, Kitkat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Froyo, Eclair

Lucky Patcher APK Features

Back up your favorite apps

Lucky Patcher does not save your data directly, but creates a backup of all applications to always be safeguarded in case of data loss. In situations where you restore your phone to the previous version or update it, Lucky Patcher takes care of your favorite applications

Fixes any Android app

Ability to apply custom fixes to change any Android application, is a feature that we integrate into Lucky Patcher. You can fix any application on your android device, according to your need and preference.

Any custom changes you discover or download from the android platform will also work with our app.

Pirate Android apps and games

If you can not move forward in a game because you do not have enough resources / coins / jewelry or want some filters that are in-app in a photo editing application, then Lucky Patcher will save you money and be your best friend.

Remove ads from any app

This amazing application can change any application without limits and may even restrict ads from appearing in the middle of your game, favorite movie or anything else while you are using it. Your phone will look smarter with Lucky Patcher as it shuns ads, junk, and more.

Work around the application license

Lucky Patcher can also remove the license check from any android app so you never have to pay to use any app in the Google Play Store. A simple way to get around a boring problem.

The best thing about Lucky Patcher: With  Lucky Patcher  you will never have to pay anyone to use the so-called premiumfeatures  by  withdrawing money from your account. All versions and support fixes are free for a lifetime.

As a team of passionate app developers and programmers, we’ve found the solution to many of your problems with android applications in one application, from now on use only  Lucky Patcher  and you’ll never have to spend a single cent on your favorite games and apps on the Play Store for android; end in-app purchases, changes, and 100% secure custom applications that include automatic backup.

How to download and use Lucky Patcher APK.

You can understand that this application is at the limit of illegality and therefore is not in the Google Play Store, but there are ways to get it, and below you will find steps / instructions you should follow.

  • We believe you’ve already downloaded the lucky patcher application from the download button above.
  • Next you need to enable the Unknown Sources option in your phone settings and security menu because the Android operating system treats the external software to the Google Play Store as a suspect.
  • After that, you can install the application as you would any other normal Android application.
  • Once the application is installed and running successfully, you should go back and disable the previously unknown source option, because it is a security breach that can be misused by hackers and malicious programs.

Old versions of Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher 6.4.0

  • Changed the source code and updated the central speed feature
  • Battery consumption has been reduced when the tool is running
  • The UI was changed and more piracy was added to games
  • Some fixes for popular applications for the android platform that previously did not work have been fixed.
  • Custom fixes for modifying apps
  • Bug fixes

Lucky Patcher 6.3.9

  • Resolved ad blocking and displaying the activity monitor
  • Available in 20 new languages
  • Added a new ad removal feature in apps
  • Translation updates
  • Bugs fixed

Lucky Patcher 6.3.8

  • Fixed the display of ad activity
  • The activity function optimizes and handles the created process
  • Removed old lags and delays in responses
  • Added more security and changes to the Play Store
  • Added translations
  • Bug fixes

Lucky Patcher 6.3.7

  • Module Xposed solved for firmwares.
  • Google Android fix done for CM14 on ARM64.
  • Corrected translation errors.
  • Bug fixes added.

Lucky Patcher 6.3.6

  • Cloned applications no longer exist
  • Have more control over selections and fixes
  • Custom fixes added to a new placemark
  • Translation corrections for Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher 6.3.5

  • Optimized speed and improved patches
  • Update ARM64 fixes
  • Translation updates
  • Fault Corrections

Lucky Patcher 6.3.4

  • Fixes made to applications on the external memory unit
  • Fixed bugs
  • Source code fixes
  • Added backup functionality

Lucky Patcher 6.3.3

  • Custom Firmware Update – Android fixes run
  • Updated translations.
  • Needed version control and other cleanings
  • Fault Corrections

Lucky Patcher 6.3.2

  • Interaction with other applications removed
  • Bug fixes
  • Increased correction speed
  • Tasks now help players and application license verification

Lucky Patcher 6.3.1

  • Version released
  • UI / UX Changes
  • New language supported and conversion
  • Pirate more games with this update

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